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Five Ways to Lower Rental Property Heating Costs

Are you managing your rental property yourself?  Whether you or your tenants are paying the heating bills, it’s a significant expense; In fact, heating accounts for about 42 percent of our energy consumption. Fall is here and with that comes cooler weather, especially in the evenings. Here are five ways to lower rental property heating …

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I HATE rentals! I LOVE rentals! – A Dialogue

Sometimes it is interesting to just observe a debate between two other real estate agents—both of whom you respect. — “I hate doing rentals,” said Jennifer. “They are such a waste of time. I spend hours doing paperwork, credit checks, inspections and getting COs, and yet I only get paid a fraction of a month’s …

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State of the NJ Housing and Rental Market

New Jersey has one of the most prospering and expensive rental markets in the nation. A study conducted by HomeUnion states that New Jersey is one of the best places to invest in a home – whether for residing or as a real estate investment. As a real estate agent, the great locations, home values, …

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