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What Renters Really Want in 2020-2021: Top 6 List

Trends in the demands and preferences of renters are always changing.  These trends were impacted significantly with the COVID-19 health crisis.  So what do renters want now and in the near term? It’s important to remember that what renters prioritize should also be the priority of investors and property owners. Let’s take a look at …

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How Real Estate Agents Should Approach Rental Opportunities

While working with rentals might not be the first choice for real estate agents, there is hidden potential in these opportunities. Even though agents may not make as much money up front when dealing with rental properties, these transactions allow you to make money quickly, and meet potential investors and buyers that may want to …

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State of the NJ Housing and Rental Market

New Jersey has one of the most prospering and expensive rental markets in the nation. A study conducted by HomeUnion states that New Jersey is one of the best places to invest in a home – whether for residing or as a real estate investment. As a real estate agent, the great locations, home values, …

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