SureWay’s Partnership Program

SureWay’s Partnership Program was designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship between real estate agents, their clients who own investment properties and SureWay. This is the area’s first strategic program of it’s kind designed specifically with the Real Estate Agent in mind.

Why Would I Do This?

In today’s market, residential investment properties are on the rise. Investment property owners commonly turn to their real estate agent to insulate them from the day to day hassle and stress of managing a residential investment property. Often times, the real estate agent, precluded from offering property management for liability reasons and brokerage policy, cannot assist their client — forcing the property owner to engage a property manager. When the investor does engage a property manager, it is typically the property manager who then handles subsequent re-rentals—costing the Realtor future commissions.

A Win-Win Partnership

  • Provides a strategy to help the real estate agent grow their business
  • Provides a necessary service that a high percentage of real estate agent’s clients need — and the real estate agent is unable to provide
  • Provides an established partner you can trust

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