Custom/Concierge Service

At Sureway we provide Executive Home property management services because we recognize that executive rental homes require white-glove service in several areas. Atop all of our responsibilities is the recognition that maintaining the value of your investment takes a level of expertise and experience that is different from managing a small condo or townhouse.

SureWay’s Concierge Service includes all our property management amenities offered to regular clients, PLUS:

  • Target marketing for rental clients having the need and the ability to afford an executive rental home. We pre-screen all potential applicants to save you the time of considering applications from those unable to qualify for tenancy in your property.
  • Pre-move-in testing of all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.
  • Regular inspection and servicing of multiple HVAC systems.
  • Special attention to the unique elements that often come with executive homes, such as pools, multiple bathrooms, elevators, security systems, and whole-house generators. We have on hand contractors able to jump into action should any of these systems fail or require attention—all without the landlord being bothered at inconvenient times!
  • Many executive homes have finished basement areas with elaborate home theatre systems or water drainage system with multiple sump pumps. SureWay’s team provides servicing as needed.
  • Our landscape team can turn on, turn off, and service your multiple zone irrigation systems, and can even oversee spring and fall garden cleanup and bi-weekly lawn care if needed.
  • We can also oversee the opening, closing, and servicing of your pool and spa if needed.
    SureWay will provide the hands-on service to make renting your property seamless and painless. Whether a room needs painting, a gutter needs replacing, or somebody needs to arrange for the CO before a new tenant moves in—SureWay Property Management will be there to represent you!

Why Choose SureWay’s Concierge Service

Unlike the “cookie-cutter” approach some property managers take with the condos they represent, SureWay understands that every executive home—and every executive home owner—is different. We will consult with you to understand your exact needs and will provide you with a customized management plan to get your home rented for the highest possible amount, in the shortest possible time—and with the fewest possible headaches—from tenant screening through the day they move out.

We recognize that time is money—to you, and to your distinctive tenant. SureWay will be there to act proactively on some items, and reactively should a problem arise. You and your tenants will appreciate that your home is professionally managed and will pay a premium for an executive home with that level of assurance.

Customer Service
We take the headaches out of owning a property. Our services are tailored to your needs as an investor, homeowner, or landlord.
Tenant Screening & Placement
We assure you accurate tenant screening so you can make the right choice for your property.
Our Team Is On Call 24/7
We take those late-night maintenance calls so you don't have to. Rest assured, your property is in the best hands.
Property Maintenance & Upkeep
We make sure your property is kept in tip-top shape year round!
Rent Collection
We put the right technology in place to make playing rent easy and accessible for tenants, and allow for simple financial tracking for owners.
Tenant Management
We establish strong relationships with tenants to ensure a mutually beneficial experience for the tenant and the owner.

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