South Jersey & Philadelphia Property Owners

SureWay takes away the headaches of tenant and property oversight by literally providing services from pre-tenant screening and leases preparation to maintenance services to–at worse case–representation during the eviction process. SureWay focuses on providing its acclaimed concierge service to high-value properties where owners can simply “Sign up and forget it” and have SureWay take care of every eventuality.

Property Listing & Marketing
We will list and market your property to ensure that we place your property in front of the ideal tenant demographic!
24/7 Customer Service
We take the headaches out of owning a property. Our services are tailored to your needs as an investor, homeowner, or landlord.
Tenant Screening & Placement
We assure you accurate tenant screening so you can make the right choice for your property.
Property Maintenance
We make sure your property is kept in tip-top shape year round!
Tenant Management
We establish strong relationships with tenants to ensure a mutually beneficial experience for the tenant and the owner.
Online Rent Collection
We put the right technology in place to make playing rent easy and accessible for tenants, and allow for simple financial tracking for owners.

Why Should You Choose SureWay Property Management?

We founded our organization on three foundational concepts: transparency, communication, and service. We’ve built our reputation by operating with integrity, honesty and the best interest of the owner/property during every step of the property management process. We know how much goes into managing a property, which is why we offer a wide range of stress-free property management services to fit your needs as a landlord or home owner.

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Owner’s Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you to manage my rental property?

We’ve done this before. Here at SureWay Property Management, we have combined experience that covers more than 40 years of property management and real estate as well as 3,000+ properties. We’ve built our business on the core values of transparency, communication, and reliability, and our mission is to provide South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia region with concierge-styled property management services.

What do Property Managers do?

Fill vacancies, advertise your rental, handle tenant inquiries, tenant background and credit investigations, application processing, lease signing and walk throughs, full-service repair, rent collection, accounting, tenant excuses, evictions, and more.

Can you help me find good tenants?

Yes, part of our process is to screen tenant credit history, income verification, conduct background checks and sometimes even request landlord references.

Do I need to be local to rent out my property through SureWay?

No, in fact we specialize in relocation, military, different time zones, as well as other factors that keep you from managing your property yourself. We’re also happy to manage if you’re local, too.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, SureWay is committed to a service that provides transparency, communication and reliability. Our agreement is simple and you can cancel our service “no questions asked” with a 30-day notice.

Who manages the administrative and financial details?

SureWay handles both administrative and financial details of renting out your property. However, every owner has 24/7 access to a portal with a live statement of activity (income and expenses) for the current month, as well as all prior months. This includes additional details such as requested maintenance. SureWay can also manage utilities, mortgages, insurance, HOA or condo fees, property taxes, etc.

What about obtaining the correct licensing?

SureWay can take care of State, City, Township, Municipal licensure for an additional fee. We would then ensure all licenses are obtained and up to date, including meeting with Municipal inspectors for site visits.

How will I receive the rental income from the property? Can you put the money directly into my account?

We have all tenants pay electronically. That way, we can certainly transfer funds directly to your account through the Owner’s portal, and vice versa if needed.

Once I sign with SureWay Property Management, what happens next?

We would then set up a convenient time to have a quick 20-minute phone call to gather info and request any necessary documents. From there, we will begin to market your property and find renters.

Full Service Property Management
8% of Rent
  • Property Maintenance and Oversight
  • Tenant Screening & Placement
  • Lease Creation, Lease Enforcement & Eviction
  • Property Marketing & Lease Renewal